Kayak Trolling Motor – Getting Started

So after about a dozen trips out on the Kayak i realized the one disadvantage to my super stable and transportable FeelFree Moken 10 Angler is that, well, it’s heavy and it is a hard paddle keeping up with others (it’s not built for speed). So begins the Journey to build a trolling motor. ┬áSure by the time I’m done I probably could/should have just bought a trolling motor. Building it is half the fun.

So My goal is as follows:

  1. 2-3 miles per hour
  2. Adjustable speed
  3. Removeable
  4. Directional
  5. on-board tilt for shallow areas
  6. 12v power supply

Now I could go out and pick up a 30 pound thrust Minkota, and battery, but wheres the challenge in that?


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